Sunday, June 3, 2018

pineapple -

Pineapple, or ananas (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) Is a tropical plant originating from Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. This plant belongs to the pineapple familia (Family Bromeliaceae).

Low plant stature, herbs with 30 or more long, sharp-pointed leaves, arranged in a rosette form around a thick trunk. The fruit in English is called a pineapple because of its pine-like shape.
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The name 'pineapple' comes from the Tupi name for this fruit: anana, which means "excellent fruit". Hummingbirds are a natural pollinator of this fruit, although various insects also share the same role.

Pineapple fruit as sold by people is not a true fruit, but a combination of real fruits (the marks are seen from every 'scales' on the skin of the fruit) which in its development are combined-together with cobs (spadix) compound interest-into one 'fruit' large .
pianeapple -

 The cultivated pineapple has lost the ability to multiply sexually, but it develops young plants (the 'crown' part of the fruit) which is a means of vegetative propagation. pineapple improves digestion and reduces acne. In Indonesia, Lampung province is the main pineapple growing area, with several pineapple processing factories also available there.