Saturday, June 16, 2018

pakasam -

Pakasam or jukut is a typical cuisine menu from the Banjar Tribe, South Kalimantan province. Food is a food product derived from fermented freshwater fish that tastes sour. Pakasam is especially well known in South Kalimantan. These ingredients are usually seasoned again with chilies and sugar, before serving as side dishes.

There are some called Pekasam or Iwak Samu. Pakasamindah as a typical food in the Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST). The famous manufacturing center of Pakasam is Mahang Sungai Hanyar village, Pandawan district. Therefore, Pakasam from HST is often called Pakasam Mahang, proving in the name of the producing region.

Pakasam based marinated fish through a process of permentation with salt. Fish dipam, mixed with a sprinkling of glutinous rice that has been fried. Fish that will be made Pakasam can any type. But the most popular is Pakasam saplings fish and Pakasam Papuyu.

One type of fish commonly made pakasam is swamp fish.