Wednesday, June 13, 2018

niboshi -

Niboshi ( ?) Is a small dried sardine (sometimes incorrectly translated as anchovies). Niboshi is one of many varieties of small dried fish consumed used throughout Asia as a food and as a condiment for broth soup and other dishes.

In Japan, niboshi dashi is one of the more common forms of dashi. He is famous for being the base of broth to make miso soup. Niboshi dashi is made by soaking plain niboshi in water. If left overnight or left almost boiling, it will mix with water and make the broth taste good.

Niboshi is also cooked and served as a snack and as one of the symbolic meals to make Japanese osechi during the New Year. Tazukuri (sweet and savory fried sardines for New Year) made by frying dried sardines and then added a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and white sesame seeds fried without oil.