Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nasi Ambeng

nasi ambeng -

Nasi  ambeng is a typical Javanese dish which is white rice placed on the tampah and given side dishes around it. Side dishes consist of cake, fried salted fish, rempeyek, fried sambal, boiled egg, fried tempe, urap, fried rice noodle, and chicken opor.

Nasi Ambeng is a dish that is served in Selamatan as a sign of thanksgiving. Rice is eaten by four to five adults. Rice is eaten by hand, without blades and garfu. The presentation of ambengal rice contains a request for all parties who participated to be endowed with many sustenance.

Nasi Ambeng is also popular in Malaysia, especially among Malaysians of Javanese descent, and is also known by the name of threshold rice. This dish can also be found in Singapore. The side dish of nasi puseng in Malaysia is serundeng Kelapa. 

In Malaysia, the popular side dish of rice is chicken soy sauce, fried noodles, and fried sambal. The presentation of ambeng rice in Malaysia is almost the same as the serving of rice on Java's ambeng. Rice and side dishes are placed on the tray to be eaten together.