Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nabak kimchi

nabak kimchi -

Nabak kimchi is a watery kimchi, similar to dongchimi, in Korean cuisine. This food is made from a thin slice of Korean white radish and Napa cabbage (called baechu, hangul 배추, in Korean) which is formed into a rectangle as the main ingredient and is salted together with a mixture of vegetables and spices such as cucumber, spring onion, dropwort water ( called "minari", 미나리 in Korean), garlic, ginger, red pepper, red chili powder, sugar, salt, and water.

Nimak gimchi look similar to dongchimi in form but are generally consumed during spring and summer, whereas dongchimi is most often eaten in winter. In addition, chili powder is added to make kimchi nabak and make this kimchi become pink like a rose unlike a white dongchimi.

The term nabak derives from the word nabaknabak (hangul: 나박 나박) which is an adverb in Korean and means "making flattened or thinly sliced".