Wednesday, June 6, 2018

metworst -

Metworst or droge worst is a traditional Dutch sausage type. This sausage has a very strong taste and is made from raw minced pork which is then air dried.

Droge worst means dry sausage, refers to the drying process and product texture. The metworst name (meaning 'finely chopped sausage') is similar to Mettwurst from Germany, although the name is almost the same but for taste and preparation, the two types of sausages are very different.

Metworst was once found throughout Holland and Flanders, although most were produced in the northern provinces of Netherlands (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe) because of the wind conditions there that were more suited for drying sausage in the open air.

At first because it can be preserved, metworst becomes an emergency supply of meat for poor farmers in times of need or lack of fresh meat. As meat production gradually rose, sausages began to be used as lunch for field workers.
metworst -

This sausage is a forerunner of the famous African droë wors identical in its production; though not so much in terms of the meat used, naturally the Dutch have very different fauna when compared to South Africa.