Wednesday, June 27, 2018

mahang -

Mahang or mara is the common name for tree species or shrubs of the Macaranga clan, members of the Euphorbiaceae tribe. The large clan (composed of over 300 species) is the only member of the Macaranginae (subtribus) nation, and is widespread in the tropics of the Old World.

Mahang is widely recognized as an important constituent of secondary forests; acting as a pioneer in the process of transition from open or used fields to jungle, a process known as forest succession. Some types of mahang are also known to be symbiotic with certain types of ants (especially from the Crematogaster clan), which live in the cavity of the stems or branches.

Some types of mahang produce light wood, and some others produce tannins and other substances that can be utilized as traditional medicinal ingredients.