Sunday, June 17, 2018

maeuntang -

Maeuntang (spicy soup) is a typical Korean spicy soup dish boiled with gochujang sauce. Origin of the name maeuntang is a word maeun which means spicy and tang which means soup.

The main ingredients of maeuntang are freshwater or fresh sea braised with gochujang sauce, chilli powder (gochugaru), green vegetables such as, watercress, garland chrysanthemum and onion, turnips, beef, chilli, zucchini, tofu , and various types of herbs and spices.

Many restaurants sell this soup menu by allowing buyers to choose their own fish from the aquarium. Commonly sought after fish types are red snapper, grouper, yellow corvina, code, three, pollack, and freshwater fish such as goldfish and trout. There are also other options such as crabs, shellfish and oysters.

This soup is very popular as a friend to drink soju and hoe (raw fish). If you order maeuntang with hoe, hoe will be made from the type of fish ordered.