Wednesday, June 27, 2018

lamtoro -

Lamtoro, petai china, or petai bark is a kind of shrub from the tribe of Fabaceae (Leguminosae, legumes), which is often used in land reforestation or erosion prevention.

Originating tropical America, this plant has been introduced to Java for hundreds of years for agriculture and forestry, and then spread to other islands in Indonesia. This plant in Malaysia is named after grasshopper petai.

This plant is also known by various other designations such as pĕlĕnding, peuteuy sélong (Sd.); drought, mètir, lamtoro and lamtoro gung (large lamtoro, for larger varieties) (Jw.); and kalandhingan, lantoro (Md.). The names in various foreign languages, among them: petai grasshopper, petai jawa (Mly.); lamandro (PNG); ipil-ipil, elena, kariskis (Fil.); krathin (Thai); leucaena, white leadtree (Ingg.); and leucaene, faux mimosa (Prc.). The species name, leucocephala (= 'white-headed') refers to its whitish flower-knobs.