Saturday, June 16, 2018

jeotgal -

Jeotgal is a Korean type of fermented food made from various types of marine products such as fish, shellfish and shrimp.Jeotgal fermented with salt so it tastes salty. The surroundings of the Korean peninsula are surrounded by seas were hot and cold currents meet so that the number and variety of marine products varies greatly.

In addition to working as farmers, Koreans also move as fishermen when the planting season has not started yet. The history of jeotgal has existed since the days of Silla's kingdom and in the historical text, it is written that a king who marries a woman will give a jot on his in-laws as a gift. 

In the days of the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, jeotgal products were more numerous and varied than they are today and became important dishes at the dinner table at the time.

The types of marine products that can be made into jeotgal are shrimp, anchovies, shellfish, squid, croaker, pollack, small shrimp, octopus, conch, hairtail and so on. Methods to ferment it also vary, but in general after a month or more fermented, jeotgal may be eaten. 

At the time of eating, jeotgal is given leeks or garlic to add flavour. It can also be eaten with kimchi or vegetables. Jeotgal is often the ingredient added in the stew (jjigae) and soup (guk).