Monday, June 18, 2018


halo-halo -

Halo-halo or halu-halo (from the Tagalog word hello meaning mix) is a mixed es from the Philippines. After shriveled, ice is served in a bowl or tall glass with the addition of various contents, including: kolang-kaling (kaong), banana, nata de coco, coconut kopyor (makapuno), chinese girlfriend, and beans and tubers cooked sweet. On top of it was poured sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk, and sometimes given ice cream.

Before covered with shaved ice, nuts are placed at the bottom of a glass or bowl. Commonly used beans are green beans, jogo beans, Arab nuts, or peanuts. Fresh fruits or cooked with sugar commonly used are jackfruit, mango, sawo duren, papaya, apokat, kiwi fruit, melon, or cherries.

Bulbs used consist of two types: sweet potato (kamote) and uwi (ube). Halo-halo is also often given sweet corn from cans, pinipig, caramel pudding, and jelly from gelatin or gelatin are given the color red, green, or yellow.