Thursday, June 21, 2018

fracture -

The bone fracture or fracture is the breakdown of bone continuity and is determined by type and extent (Smeltzer S.C & Bare B.G, 2001) or any cracked or broken bone intact (Reeves C. J, Roux G & Lockhart R, 2001).

Bone fracture is a problem that lately is very much attention to the public, on the flow back and forth back and forth Idul Fitri this year many traffic accidents are very much that some victims have cracked.

Many unexpected natural events cause a lot of bone fractures. Often times for the handling of these bone cracks is not appropriate may be due to lack of information available for example there is a person who experienced bone fractures, but because of lack of information to handle it He went to a massage shaman, probably because the symptoms are similar to those who dislocate.