Friday, June 22, 2018

fear -

Fear is an emotional response to threats. Fear is a basic survival mechanism that occurs in response to a particular stimulus, such as pain or danger. Some psychologists have also mentioned that fear is one of the basic emotions, apart from happiness, sadness, and anger.

Fear must be distinguished from other emotional states, anxiety, which generally occurs without external threats. Fear is also associated with a specific behavior to escape and dodge, while anxiety is the result of an uncontrollable or avoidable threat perception.

It should be noted that fear is always associated with future events, such as the deterioration of a condition, or the continuing occurrence of an unacceptable situation. In a numerology article, the nature of fear is basic. People numbered with the initials B, K, T have the nature of fear and tend to worry or worry about everything. On the other hand a person with a basic nature 2 (fear, worry, anxiety) does not like the change and his fear can ruin the existing situation.

The danger of worry is the view of circumstances and perceptions that he does not like to follow. On the other hand, there is no ability due to age and weakness except with the support and help of others and others. Fear must be overcome by establishing support and relationships, diplomacy with parties that are trustworthy and necessary. Building an anticipated capability and management structure also builds a shield structure.

Fear can be overcome with technology and exact science. The speed of the car can be predicted its power with accurate and precise car design calculations. Halilintar and Jet Coaster at tourist sites have been matured so as to guarantee no casualties. What is interesting is the fear caused by the fear of climbing the gondola or cable car and the fear of tiger threat is the same. The fear of the economic crisis and the fear of falling from a height are the same thing.