Friday, June 22, 2018

envy -

Envy (Latin: invidia), sometimes called envy or hasad, is an emotion that arises when a person who does not have an edge-either achievement, power, or the other-wants what he does not have, others who have it to lose it.

Bertrand Russell, a philosopher and Nobel laureate of Literature, says that envy is one of the main causes of unhappiness. The envious person not only causes unhappiness for himself, the person even expects the misfortune of others.

Russell argues that the instability of social status in the modern world, as well as the doctrine of equality of democracy and socialism, is instrumental in expanding the spread of envy in a society. Therefore envy is evil, but he thinks this evil must be borne for the achievement of a more just social system.

Meanwhile some psychologists argue that there are two types of jealousy, that is harmful envy and benign jealousy; in which today's benign jealousy is being proposed as a kind of positive motivational force. But no expert research has proved that.