Wednesday, June 20, 2018

fasciculation -

Fasciculation is a spontaneous contraction of a set of lurik drug fibers which can then be felt as a small snake movement and it can be seen as a weak movement under the skin.

 Another source explains that fasciculation is a subtle muscle movement under the skin and indicates the presence of LMN (lower motor neuron characterized by the womb). This contraction or smooth movement can be heard by using electrodes and can be seen by a typical waveform. This contraction is present in diseases affecting the inner neuronal cells in the spinal cord at an acute stage such as in poliomyelitis disease.

Fasciculation is caused by the denervation of all motor units followed by hyper sensitive acetylcoline in the muscles undergoing denervation. Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS), or benign twitch, is a common condition found in normal people.

This is not harmful, if not followed by weakness and muscle atrophy. Muscle weakness is indicated by a decrease in muscle ability against resistance. Muscle atrophy is usually associated with fasciculation. For example the movement of foot muscles fasikulasi. The muscle spasms in these legs are an incoluntary contraction of the muscles. Muscle spasms occur suddenly usually heal quickly and often painful.