Wednesday, June 20, 2018

decortication -

Decortication is a state or disorder of the limb marked by muscle stiffness on one or both sides of the limb ie the lower member is in a rigid position and the extension, while the upper limb in a rigid and flexed position this position is difficult to change.

Disorders are usually present in the brain stem or in the cerebrum. The term rigidity of decortication and deserebrasi or posturing is used to express stereotyped arm movements and limbs and occurs spontaneously or triggered by sensory stimulation in such patients.

Flexion of elbow joints and wrists and arm supination (dkortikasi) shows severe bilateral damage to the cerebral hemispheres over mesensefalon, whereas elbow joint and wrist extension and arm pronation (descrebrasi) show damage to the mesensefalon as well as the caudal section of the diencephalon.

The extension of the arm with minimal tribal flesi or both flasid treads (limp) is associated with lesions in the lower pons. However, acute lesions often lead to extension of the limbs irrespective of their location, and almost all posturing properties of the extensor turn into flesor so that posturing alone is unreliable to determine an accurate anatomic location.