Friday, June 22, 2018

escapism -

Escapism is a way of life that aims to avoid all difficulties, especially in the face of problems that should be resolved naturally. Many psychiatric symptoms can be interpreted as esoteric attempts.

Escapism also means how to focus attention on fun things that go against the harsh reality of everyday life. It can be a means of not being pressured by reality in everyday life or in extreme form can lead to obsessive behavior that makes people completely ignore reality.

Modern escapism in a healthy sense can be either reading a favorite book, watching an exercise program, or playing. However, very few people escape from reality in this form. Normal activities, such as eating, sleeping or sexual activity can also be regarded as escapism when they do so excessively. For example, sleeping more than half a day because someone can not run a normal life. Sleep can be caused due to fatigue or symptoms of depression.