Friday, June 22, 2018

erotomania -

Erotomania or commonly known as de Clerambault syndrome is a form of personality disorder when the sufferers have the belief that others hold feelings of love to the sufferer or may have a form of intimate relationships. Personality disorder is the average sufferer is men.

Erotomania comes from the Greek, eros, which means love, and mania which means excessive. In a severe stage, erotomaniac does not need direct contact with someone to think that person is in love with him. He could have admired an actress on television, and considered everything the actress had said on television aimed at her. He also felt cared for, and thought the actress fell in love with him.

People with erotomania, especially to the stage of acute psychiatric disorders, can not be cured until normal fully. But if the disease has not reached the extreme stage, the patient can still be cured by using behaviour cognitive therapy. This therapy is used to undermine the ideas that he is loved by certain people. Then the fantasy is returned to reality. If too severe, can also be assisted with the help of medical drugs, such as antidepressants to be more calm.