Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Caffè macchiato

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Caffè macchiato is a coffee drink made by mixing espresso with milk. There are two types of macchiato usually served, namely espresso macchiato and latte macchiato. Espresso macchiato is made by adding a little milk into a glass of espresso.

Meanwhile, if the espresso is added to a glass of milk, then the drink is called a latte macchiato. Macchiato in Italian has the meaning of "marked with spots" and is named as such because espresso is characterized by a little foam derived from milk on it. 

Likewise with latte macchiato, after espresso poured it will be in the middle of the glass so it looks separating the milk into 2 parts. The comparison of milk and coffee in this espresso macchiato is 1: 4.

Espresso macchiato is served in a small 60-90ml (demitasse) espresso cup. Many of the Italians add sugar to this drink. Meanwhile, the latte macchiato is served in a taller larger glass.