Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Bentō ( or ?) Or o-bentō is a Japanese term for food in the form of rice and side dishes in practical packaging that can be carried and eaten elsewhere. As with packaged rice, bentō can be eaten as lunch, dinner, or a picnic.

Bentō is usually packaged for a portion of one person, although in a broad sense it may mean food stock for a group or family. Bento bought or prepared at home. When purchased, bentō is equipped with disposable chopsticks, following flavored apples with side dishes, such as soy sauce or miniature uster sauce.

The characteristic of the bentō is the arrangement of the side dishes and colors to be unsightly and appealing. Bento can also be decorated and arranged neatly in a style called kyaraben. The bento packaging always has a lid, and the bentō container can be a square box or tray of plastic, bread box, or lacquered handmade wooden box. Housewives in Japan are considered to be skilled at preparing bentō, although bentō can be bought everywhere. In Indonesia, bento-style dishes began to popularize Hoka Hoka Bento's fast-food restaurant chain since 1985.