Friday, June 8, 2018

Benefits of carnation flowers for health

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Benefits of carnation flowers for health

Carnation flowers have many uses that can be used for anyone. Here are the benefits of carnation:

1. Beauty and Decorations

In terms of the flower itself, carnations have colors that are quite a lot of different colors, can also be used as a decoration to enjoy the beauty of color and shape. Can also be complementary decorations such as placed in pots or vases at home to create a different atmosphere.

The benefits of this ornamental plant can be used as a unique decoration by adding other types of plants and flowers. As with the benefits of roses, the benefits of bougenville flowers, the benefits of daisies and the benefits of lotus flowers.

2. Flower Essay

Serves as a carnation karanagan flower as well as decorative flower boards are widely used and also a lot of ordered and made many florists, florist etc. as part of the decoration board or decoration.

Because it is considered fragrant, this flower can also be used as a natural fragrance. So just put some carnation flowers into a container can also be in the basket of flowers, or other containers are beautiful. After that containers that contain flowers can be placed in the corner that want fragrant smell.

3. Supporting Interest

For execution or a dance event, especially one that requires accessories. This flower can also be a supporter with usually pinned between the ears of the dancers before dancers in action.

In Chinese medicine methods, carnations are widely used as ingredients for the concoction of medicines which are of course from natural ingredients to eliminate diseases, such as to treat diarrheal diseases, even tranquilizers, as well as medicine for urine stones, carnations can also be used for relieve dizziness, help cleanse the blood or overcome the nil and difficult to urinate or large.

4. For treatment

fresh carnations that after picking can be directly boiled with water, after boiled carnations can be filtered and cooking water that can be drunk. Taken three times a day, until the disease subsides or the condition of the body becomes better. Good luck