Thursday, June 14, 2018

beans -

Beans (from Dutch boontjes for nuts in general), are a kind of edible legumes from various Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars. Fruit, seeds, and leaves are used by people as a vegetable. These vegetables are rich in protein content. He is believed to be from Central and South America.

Beans are vegetables rich in protein and these vitamins help lower blood pressure as well as guard the metabolism of sugar in the blood and are very suitable to be eaten by those with diabetes or hypertension. High fiber and enzyme content can help weight loss.

How to grow green beans is planted directly by inserting 2-3 seeds into the hole as deep as 1-2 cm then dumped soil, harvest usually can be done after 60 days or peanut pod is suitable disayur.
beans -

The beans grow in wraps, have tapering roots and long sides and require a pole to climb.