Monday, June 11, 2018

banitsa -

Banitsa (Bulgarian: баница, also read as banica and banitza) is traditional Bulgarian food in a börek family prepared by coating a mixture of eggs and slices of cheese made in layers between the phyllo pastry and then baking it in the oven.

Traditionally, lucky ornaments have been put into pastries on certain occasions, especially on New Year's Eve. The ornament may be a coin or small symbolic object (eg, a small piece of dogwood with a bud, representing health or longevity).

Recently, people started writing their wishes on a small piece of paper and wrapping it in tin foil. Desires include happiness, health, or success throughout the new year (similar to fortune cookies).

Banitsa served for breakfast with plain yogurt, ayran, or boza. Can be eaten hot or cold. Some varieties include banitsa with spinach "спаначник" (spanachnik) or sweet version, banitsa with milk "млечна баница" (mlechna banitsa), or pumpkin "тиквеник" (tikvenik).