Monday, June 25, 2018

Bamboo yellow

bamboo yellow -

Bamboo yellow (Bambusa vulgaris var striata) is one of the bamboo pet / aquaculture. This type of bamboo has a trunk feature segment-segment, high, and yellow stems. Typically, this type of bamboo lives in a tropical environment.

 In Southeast Asia, this type of bamboo is widely cultivated. It is often found in villages, on the banks of rivers, and as a decorative plant in urban areas.

Yellow bamboo can be propagated by cuttings (rhizomes, clumps, or branches), grafts, and tissue culture. However, the easiest and often done way is cuttings or branches.

Generally, clumps that will be distund is a clump that is not too young or not too old. This bamboo stew contains saponins and flavonoids. Not only that, this yellow bamboo contains a source of low-calorie potassium, and has a famous sweet taste as a source of protein and good nutrition for the body. This bamboo has the efficacy of treating various types of infection and prevention of hepatitis.