Monday, June 25, 2018

Bamboo ampel

bamboo ampel -

Bamboo ampel or bamboo aur  (Bambusa vulgaris) is the most commonly planted bamboo for its usefulness, both in Indonesia and in other parts of the world, in tropical and ugahari regions. Though less resistant to powder beetle attacks, ampere bamboo provides many uses other than building materials, as well as raw materials for paper and vegetables from bamboo shoots.

Green striped yellow varieties (Bambusa vulgaris var striata) are known as yellow bamboo or ivory bamboo and are used as ornamental plants, yard marks, and traditional medicinal materials. Some names of the area, among them, awi ampel, awi haur, awi haur geulis, awi haur koneng (Sd.); pring ampel, yellow amping pring, pring gadhing, jajang ampel, jajang gadhing (Jw.); pĕrréng ampél, pĕrréng ghadhing (Md.); tiying ampel, tiying hampyal, tiying puling (Bl.); tĕréng dèndèng (Sas.), and others. In English it is called common bamboo or clumping bamboo.