Sunday, June 3, 2018

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Apples are a type of fruit, or fruit produced from an apple tree. Apples are usually red in color when cooked and (ready to eat), but can also be green or yellow skin. The skin of the fruit is rather soft, the flesh is hard. The fruit has few seeds in it.
apples -

People start planting apples first in Central Asia. Now the apple is growing in many regions of the world where the air is cooler. The scientific name of the apple tree in Latin is Malus domestica. Cultivated apples are descended from Malus sieversii from Central Asia, with a portion of the genome of Malus sylvestris (wild apple forest / apple).
apples -

Most good apples are eaten raw (uncooked), and are also used in many party foods. Apples cooked until soft for applesauce. Apples are also made to be an apple juice drink.

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