Saturday, June 23, 2018

apathy -

Apathy or often called apathy is a lack of emotion, motivation, or enthusiasm. Apathy is a psychological term for a state of indifference or indifference; where one is unresponsive or "indifferent" to the emotional, social, or physical aspects of life.

Clinical apathy is considered upper level, while the middle level can be considered as depression, and at the peak level can be diagnosed as a disassociative disorder. The physical aspect of apathy associated with physical withdrawal, muscle loss, and lack of energy is called lethargy; which has many pathological causes.

Apathy can be centered on a particular object; to a person, activity or environment. It is a common reaction to stress where it is applied as "learning helpless" and is often associated with depression. It can also reflect a lack of non-pathological interest in what is considered unimportant.

Some medications are known to cause symptoms related to or cause to apathy.