Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wanko soba

wanko soba -

Wanko soba ( ?) Is a way of serving boiled buckwheat using small bowls that are a typical the tradition of Iwate Prefecture, Japan. A buyer was accompanied by a waiter carrying a tray containing dozens of buckwheat bowls each containing just enough buckwheat for a single swallow. 

Every time the buyer spends the contents of the buckwheat bowl he is holding, the waiter will take a buckwheat bowl from the tray, and pour the contents into the buyer's bowl.

When the buckwheat bucket he was carrying was gone, the waiter would take another tray with a dozen new buckwheat bowls, pour the contents, and so on until the buyer closed the bowl with the bowl cap as a sign of being full. Wanko soba includes a form of hospitality in entertaining guests in Japan.

Fill about 10 to 15 bowls of Wanko buckwheat is usually equivalent to one serving of a bowl of regular buckwheat size. An adult male can usually spend between 50 to 60 Wanko buckwheat bowls.

Wanko buckwheat is served with a variety of flavourings that can be chosen by the person who eats it, for example: katsuobushi shavings, small pieces of nori, walnut walnuts, sliced ​​tuna, nameko fungus, pickled daikon, or fish eggs.

 How to serve Wanko soba differ by region. As an encouragement when guests were eating, the waitress at Morioka usually cheered "Hi, Jan Jan!" or "Hi, don don!" which means "Come on, again, again!" Empty buckwheat bowl then stacked by waiters on the table. At Ichinoseki, the waiter was not accompanying the dining guests. The waiter just put a tray of buckwheat bowls on the coffee table. When eating, guests fill in their own buckwheat bowl.

In Japanese dialect Iwate, Wanko means bowl ( owan?). [6] Iwate dialect speakers add a co-suffix () as a noun ending, for example umakko for horses, and begokko for cattle. Although Iwate is a typical dish, Wanko buckwheat is served only by Wanko soba speciality restaurants located in tourist attractions, especially in Hanamaki city, Morioka, and Ichinoseki. Some of the buckwheat restaurants even serve Wanko soba only if the buyer orders the place first.

The presentation of buckwheat in the form of Wanko buckwheat takes time to prepare. Although listed on the menu of a buckwheat restaurant, Wanko soba is not a dish that can immediately be served immediately.