Friday, June 15, 2018

tteok -

Tteok is a Korean snack or cake made from cereals, especially rice or sticky rice. Material and mode of manufacture vary by region in Korea. Tteok is also made as a sweet cake in a variety of flavors for the season's celebration days, including Korean New Year celebrations.

Although cooked, tteok made from rice is not a clay so it is used for a variety of stir-fry and fried dishes. Tteok shaped rod (cylinder) cooked with gochujang and sugar called tteokbokki.

In addition to tteokbokki, pojangmacha also sell tteok fried with vegetables. Tteok also incorporated into various dishes such as not galbi (galbi chicken meat). Tteokguk is a new year Korean food of tteok cooked into soup with beef or chicken meat. Seasoning soup is soy sauce, salt, and garlic.

Tteok is eaten as a cake made from sticky rice with honey or sugar as a sweetener. As perisa added, among other types of pumpkin machetes, green beans, azuki beans, or sesame.

Based on the way of manufacture, tteok consists of steamed tteok, crushed, boiled, or pan-fried. Traditional Tteok is made by steaming and is called sirutteok (시루떡). The steamer called siru (시루) is made from pottery.