Friday, June 8, 2018

The Benefits of Roses
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The Benefits of Roses

1. Increase Collagen
In the Rose flower contained Vitamin C which will give effect to improve the existing collagen system in the body.

2. Reduce headaches
The content of the substance that bersypsat win in the Roses can provide a calm nature and will give effect teraapi scent which is believed to provide therapy in reducing the pain in the head.

3. Reduce Stress
In roman times and ancient greece the roses were made to alleviate depression and anxiety. This is what makes the aroma of Rose Flower that has the ability to stretch the brain and nerves and reduce stress when busy and have a high level of activity.

4. For Digestion
In ancient Indian society, Roses are often used as medicine to overcome problems in the digestive system. In roses is believed by the people of ancient India can improve the existing metabolism system in the body to remain primed that will be useful as facilitate digestion.

5. Overcoming Acne
Rose water is useful for cleaning pores and will minimize the occurrence of growth of acne on facial skin. Flower water is made as a wash in order to avoid the problem of acne.

6. Prevent Early Treatment
Rose Hips or Rose Fruit is very rich in Vitamin C content, it will be useful to ward off free radicals that's what will prevent us from premature aging and become ageless. Inside the Vitamin C contained a good source of antioxidants for the skin.

7. Overcoming Tired Eyes
Not only that rose water also can overcome the problem of tired eyes due to lack of sleep. Signs of tired eyes can be seen with the presence of panda eyes or dark circles under the eyes. It can be removed by way of mengompreskan water rose to the eye.

There are still many benefits contained in the rose, so often use the rose as a medicine or aroma therapy that will create a sense of comfort in the body and mind.