Wednesday, June 20, 2018

symptom -

Symptom (in illness) is the indication of the existence of an illness or an unwanted health disorder, in the form of signs or characteristics of the disease and can be felt, such as a feeling of nausea or dizziness.

However, there are things that are not covered in terms of this terminology such as hallucinations or delusions, because the way these indications are perpetrated over the perpetrators is often unconscious, and not the result of observations made on the basis of medical examinations.

In essence, a 'symptom' or 'symptom' is subjective, observed by a patient, and can not be weighed or measured.

In addition, a symptom or symptom is not necessarily associated with the disease, such as pregnancy symptoms. It can be argued, however, that this is an example of the abuse of this term which is quite common because most of the 'symptom' or 'symptoms' as well as the history of these terms are indeed related to illness. Use of other terms such as 'indications', 'previews' or 'suggestions' may be more appropriate in situations such as pregnancy, etc.

Another use of the term 'simtoma' or 'symptom' exists in the world of politics as well where meaning is considered the root of a problem.