Friday, June 8, 2018

Sweet tea

Sweet tea is a drink made from sweetened tea solution, usually sugar cane, before the drink is ready to be served. For the Indonesian context, sweet tea given ice is called ice tea.

Ice tea is very rarely served without sweeteners, buyers will typically specifically ask for iced fresh tea if you want iced tea without sugar. The addition of sweeteners into hot water allows the process of saturated solution, meaning that the tea solution is able to dissolve the sweetener in a greater degree than when in cold temperatures.

Many restaurants give visitors the choice whether the served tea will be served hot or cold. Variations of sweet taste in this distinctive beverage is very populist in Indonesia and the United States of the South. In Indonesia, besides presented in the traditional way, sweet tea is also packaged in bottles or boxes.

Some brands of sweetened tea in the packaging began mushrooming since the mid-2000s, sweet tea is given additional perisa, such as fruit flavor, or the smell of cloves, jasmine, roses, lemon, or just given the original sweetener. Two brands of sweet tea in packaging in Indonesia are quite old tea bottles and tea boxes.