Wednesday, June 27, 2018

styrax -

Styrax is the name of the "clan" or "genus" of shrubs or small tree members of the Styracaceae tribe. The clans consisting of about 130 species mostly spread in eastern and southeastern Asia in warm climates to the tropics north of the equator; although it also spread to the southern hemisphere in South America. Some of the species are the frankincense-producing trees.

The Pamphilia genus, sometimes still considered separate, is now incorporated into Styrax based on morphological and DNA studies.

The Styrax shrub grows between 2-14 m, with single round leaves of eggs 1-18 cm × 2-10 cm; always green or falling leaves. Flower hanging, with a white crown of 5-10; gathered in an open panicle or a dotted panicle containing 3 - 30 buds, up to 25 cm long. Cubes are elongated, dry or fleshy.