Thursday, June 7, 2018

Som tam

som tam -

Som tam or raw papaya salad is a rather spicy spicy lettuce made from thin slices of raw papaya. This dish is believed to come from Laos, but is popularized by Thai cuisine, and is commonly served in mainland Southeast Asia.

In Cambodia it is called bok l'hong (Khmer: បុកល្ហុង, read [ɓok lhoŋ]), in Laos called tam som (Lao language: ຕໍາ ສົ້ມ) or precisely tam maak hoong (Lao language: ຕໍາ ຫມາກ ຫຸ່ງ, Lao pronunciation: [tà᷆ːk. hūŋ]), in Thailand known as som tam (Thai: ส้มตำ, pronunciation [sôm tam]), and in Vietnam called goi du du. Som tam, Thai variant listed in number 46 of the list of 50 World's Most Delicious Food by CNN Go in 2011.