Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sata andagi

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Sata andagi ( saataa andaagii?) Is a typical Okinawan-shaped ball-shaped cake. This cake is made from chicken egg batter, flour, sugar, and bakpuder which is fried by frying in cooking oil.

In Okinawa the Shuri dialect, saataa means sugar, you come from your word (oil) and agii (fried). In Miyako Islands, this cake is called sata panbin. In Miyako, sata also means sugar, and panbin means fried pie. In Hawaii, this cake is known as andagi.

The use of enough sugar to make the cake is not too fluffy. This cake is fried with medium temperature oil (140 -150 ) [2] until cooked on the inside. The inside of the cake is still soft as a donut, but crunchy and dry on the outside.

This cake is a homemade cake often made by Okinawans. These cakes are made at once in large quantities because the durability is stored up to several days at room temperature. The tempura store at the market, souvenir shop and cake shop in Okinawa sells sata andagi in various flavors, for example: sata andagi using sugar, brown sugar cane, turmeric, waluh, and uwi.