Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rote Grutze

rote grutze -

Rote Grütze is a typical German cuisine type. Rote Grütze is translated as "red corn" although it can also be translated as "cereal gruel" or "porridge" alone. This dish is very popular in northern Germany and Denmark, commonly called Dessert Beri Merah.

In Denmark this food is called Rødgrød. Red berries such as red and strawberry are given little sugar and are given thick corn starch. Actually it does not contain Grütze (corn smoothed), palawija or cereal in it, but still called Rote Grütze. Because in ancient times, the recipe for manufacture actually included smoothed oat cereal or other crops mixed with wild red berries.

Currently in Germany, Rote Grütze is served without palawija and its recipes vary. Give used ones such as raspberries, red kits, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, rhubarb, or black kurans to make the appearance more interesting. Anything that makes it by adding grape juice, cranberry juice, red wine and even brandy.

Another variation is Rhabarbergrütze made from Rhubarb and Grüne Grütze from gusberi. In ancient times, Rote Grütze served as a summer dinner dish with a mixture of cold milk or cream. Currently, it is usually served as a dessert with vanilla sauce.