Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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Ramune ( ​​?) Is a carbonated soft drink whose mouth is bottled with a marble. These drinks are manufactured in Japan by some manufacturers of soft drinks without a given brand, and are simply called ramune. This drink is made from a mixture of sugar or high fructose corn syrup plus the acid and citric acid or lemon flavor. Since its introduction in Japan in the Meiji period, ramune has become a symbol of modern summer in Japan.

Ramune with a narrowed neckline shape and marbles plug was first produced in Japan around 1888. When soft drinks were poured into bottles, marbles were in the bottle neck. After the bottle is turned up to the bottle face down, the pressure of carbon dioxide causes the marbles to be pushed into the bottle's mouth. Marbles stuck in the bottle mouth because of the rubber in the mouth of the bottle that serves as a gasket. When the ramune is about to be drunk, the marbles are pressed down until it falls in the bottle neck. Part of the bottle cap also serves as a tool for suppressing marbles. When drunk, the marbles in the bottle neck give off jangling.