Sunday, June 3, 2018

radish -

Radish is a plant that goes into the family Cruciferae. The shape of a radish tuber is like carrots, but the contents and skin are white. Radish plant originated from China, and has been widely cultivated in Indonesia. Plants that are easy to plant both in the lowlands and mountains.

Currently, many areas planted radishes are highland Pangalengan, Pacet, Cipanas, and Bedugul. The total area of rapeseed plants in Indonesia currently ranges from 15,700 hectares.

Good soil for rapeseed plants is loose soil, contains humus (fertile), topsoil that does not contain gravel (small stones), and the degree of acidity of the soil 5-6. Suitable planting times are during the rainy season or early dry season. For planting in the dry season, the plant should be enough water.