Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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putut -

Putut, tumu or kendeka (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) is a kind of shrub or small tree inhabitants of mangrove forests, members of the tribe Rhizophoraceae. Trees often found inside the intertidal zone are widespread on the Indian Ocean coasts since eastern Africa, Madagascar, India, Southeast Asia, and the archipelago, and across to tropical Australia and the western Pacific.

This plant is also known by local names such as pertut (Aceh); taheup, tenggel (Sim.); putut, tumu (Riau); wax (Btw.); length (Jw.); lindur (Md.); sala-sala (Bug.); tongke (Amb.). Also bako, bangko, wako, mangi-mangi, big mutut, sarau, red long, tomo, totongkek. His name in other countries include: large mangroves, tummy, tumu, tumus, tumbus (Mal.); mangroves, bakauan, busiin, busaing, pututan, patutan, patotan, pototan (Fil.); arara, mapeke (PNG), Vet dù bông dó (Viet.), prasak, papa hua sum dok khao (Thai.), basac kroahom (Kamb.). In English known as large-leafed mangrove, oriental mangrove or orange mangrove.

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