Saturday, June 23, 2018

psychopath -

Psychopaths literally means mental illness. Psychopath comes from the word psyche meaning soul and pathos which means disease. Pengidapnya also often referred to as a sociopath, because his behavior is antisocial and harm to the people closest.

Psychopaths are not the same as madness (schizophrenia / psychosis) because a psychopath is fully aware of his actions. Symptoms itself is often referred to as psychopathy, pengidapnya often called a madman without mental disorders. According to research about 1% of the total world population suffers from psychopathy. This person is difficult to detect because as many as 80% more are wandering than those in prison or in a mental hospital, the person is also difficult to cure.

A world psychopathologist who became a professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada named Robert D. Hare has been doing psychopathic research about 25 years. He argues that a psychopath always makes complicated camouflage, twisting facts, spreading slander, and lies to gain his own satisfaction and profit.

In criminal cases, psychopaths are recognized as murderers, rapists, and corruptors. However, this is only 15-20 percent of the total psychopath. The rest is a perfect-looking person, clever words, fascinating, has a tremendous attraction and fun.

Psychopaths have 20 common traits. But these traits are not expected to make people readily taste someone psychopath because the diagnosis of these symptoms requires strict training and the right to use formal assessment guidelines, moreover it requires in-depth interviews and other observations. Prejudice and accusations to someone who thinks it's a psychopath is carelessly risky, and at least makes a person's name go ugly.