Friday, June 22, 2018

physiognomy -

Physiognomy is the science of facial hunch or the science of reading a person's character through the face. In the science of facial physiognomy is used as a guide in physiognomy because the face is a body organ that is usually not closed. In addition to seeing a person's face, we do not need to ask permission to the person concerned. Simply face can be seen from the photo or face to face directly.

Mastery of the science of physiognomy will provide enormous benefits and can expand the horizon and knowledge especially related to human beings. If we associate with modern technology world today, it is still very relevant, for example concerning business relationship and partnership, friendship, romance and matchmaking.

In addition, the science of Physiognomy is also very practical and simple in practice. Because it does not require any tools, there is even no difficulty when applying it. So, at least can get a general picture of a person's character when communicating directly by reading the character of a person's face.