Wednesday, June 20, 2018

pharmacy -

Pharmacy , Greek: pharmacon, meaning: medicine is one of the areas of healthcare professionals that is a combination of health sciences and chemistry, which has the responsibility of ensuring the effectiveness and safety of drug use.

The scope of pharmaceutical practice includes traditional pharmaceutical practices such as compounding and provision of medicinal preparations, and patient care services, including clinical services, efficacy evaluation and safety of drug use, and provision of drug information. The word pharmacy comes from the word pharma (pharma). Farma is a term used in the year 1400 - 1600an.

The European pharmaceutical institution first stood in Trier, Germany, in 1241 and still exists today.

Pharmacist (pharmacist) is a professional degree with expertise in pharmacy. Pharmacists usually work in government and private institutions such as drug / food supervisory bodies, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, traditional medicine industries, pharmacies, and at various health facilities.