Sunday, June 3, 2018

petai -

Petai, Pete (IPA: pətɛ), or mlanding (Parkia speciosa) are the annual tropical trees of the legumes (Fabaceae), the petai-petaian (Mimosoideae). This plant is widespread in the western archipelago. The seeds, called "petai", are also consumed when young, either fresh or boiled.

Chilli petai trees, height can reach 20m and less branching. The leaves are compound, arranged in parallel. Compound interest, arranged in bumps (typical of Mimosoideae). Flowers appear usually near the edge of the branch. 

The fruit is large, elongated, betipe pods. From one bump can be found up to a dozen pieces. In one fruit there are up to 20 seeds, which are green when young and wrapped by a slightly thick membrane of light brown. The fruit of the petai will dry out when it is ripe and remove the seeds.

Petai seeds, which smell typical and somewhat similar to jengkol, consumed fresh or mixed ingredients into a number of menus. Fried fried sambal is not complete without petai. Sambal petai is also a menu with petai.

Petai seeds are usually sold by including pods. However, modern packaging is also done by packing it in plastic or in a styrofoam wrapped in airtight plastic.