Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Pea soup

pea soup -

Pea soup is a soup made from pea. In Indonesia the pea soup is also known by its name in Dutch; namely erwtensoep as food tempo doeloe.

This soup is yellowish green and sometimes even tends to brown. The pea soup and especially the Dutch variations are actually more like porridge than the soup because it is very thick because it contains vegetables such as prei, potatoes, beef/chicken and carrots other than peas, of course.

In the Netherlands, this soup is usually eaten in winter with bread. Bread used is a kind of soft roll and a hard roll. Can also with french bread. As per your taste. This soup can also be added with various types of nuts such as peanuts, and red beans to be more bite and Crispy in the mouth. Sweet Corn can also be added as a sweetener. Finally, to be more fragrant can be given garlic fried and to feel fresher suggested give a little lemon/lemon.