Wednesday, June 27, 2018

palasa -

Palasa, plasa or ploso (Butea monosperma) is a kind of tree member of the tribe of Fabaceae. This beautiful flowering tree spread from India, Southeast Asia, to the western part of Indonesia. From the bright orange flowers produced natural dye materials.

Known as the Flame of the Forest in English, this tree has various names in Indian languages, such as dhaak, palash, palaash, palah, palashpapra, polash, polashi, porasum, parasu, modugu, kela. In Southeast Asia, this plant is referred to as pouk-pen (Burma); chaa (Cambodia); chaan (Laos); thong kwaao, thong thammachaat (Thai). Some of the regional names, among them, plasa (Sd), plåså (Jw.), And palasa (Md.)