Wednesday, June 13, 2018

monjayaki -

Monjayaki ( ?) Or monja is a Japanese food made from a watery flour dough and fried on an iron plate (teppan). The contents of vegetables, meat, or seafood. Although commonly found in the Kanto region, monjayaki is popular as a typical Tokyo food. In addition to Tokyo, the food is popular in Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, and Tochigi Prefecture.

Initially this dish is made as variations okonomiyaki, but wheat diluted with water more than okonomiyaki. As a flavor worn uster and dashi sauce. Commonly used vegetables are leek, red ginger pickle (benishōga), or cabbage that is sliced ​​into small pieces. In addition to seafood (shrimp, squid), monjayaki can contain vein, pork, cheese, or a mixture of all.

All ingredients are mixed before frying over teppan. After the contents become half-baked, the remaining dough is poured in the middle and re-stirred. When it is ripe, the outer side becomes crisp while the inside remains soft. Using a hagashi (mini size sodet), the outer side of the monjayaki is taped slightly from the teppan and is instantly bribed to the mouth.