Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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Marzipan or Marsepein (in Dutch) is a popular type of candy in Europe made from refined sugars and almonds. This candy is known for its characteristic flavour that comes from bitter almonds.

In Europe, Marzipan can be made into various shapes and small sizes, there are forms of fruits, animals, maps of the world and some are coated with chocolate in the form of a loaf, ball or bar. Marzipan can also be put into chocolate, one example is Ritter Sport.

In Germany Marzipan has long been made, ie Since the 16th century and introduced to the Middle East through Venice. Until the 18th century, marzipan was used for medicinal purposes until it became a confectionary for the rich at the beginning of the 19th century. Beginning in the 1950s, marzipan became a daily snack and found at important festivals such as Easter and Christmas.