Monday, June 4, 2018

Lobi - lobi

lobi - lobi  -

Lobi – lobi (Flacourtia inermis) are fruit trees from tropical Asia, including Malesia. This annual plant in English is called batoko plum, and is also grown in the tropics of the New World. This tree is planted as a shade and the fruit is taken. Minangkabau people call it lubi-lubi, and the Batak people call it balakko.

The shape of plants in the form of trees with a height of 3 m to 10 m. Single leaf, seated, and short stem. Leaves of leaf shape oval, length 8-20 cm, width 3-15 cm.

Fruit buni, around, a seeded lot, diameter 1-3 cm. Skin of soft fruit, slippery surface. Young fruit yellowish green, when it is ripe fruit skin is dark red to purple-black. Sour fruit flavour to very sour, sometimes sweet or sepat. The flesh contains only a small amount of water. The fruit is eaten after being made into rujak, jam, sweets, or cooked with sugar to be drunk as syrup.