Monday, June 4, 2018

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lime -

Lime (Lat Citrus aurantifolia: Family: Rutaceae) is a type of plant that goes into the citrus tribe, spread in Asia and Central America also known as orange peel.

lime -

Lime trees can reach 3-6 meters tall, branched and spiked, elliptical leaves, small winged leaf stems. Inflorescence arises from the armpits of leaves and small, white-smelling flowers. Fruit round to oval, green to yellow and thin fruit skin contains many essential oils.

lime -

Fruit is whiteish-green, very sour, contains lots of vitamin C and citric acid. Seeds are small, small, polyembryonic. In Indonesia can live in the lowlands to a height of 1000 m above sea level. It grows well in alkaline soils, in places exposed to direct sunlight. Propagation by seed, grafting or graft. Fruit is used to make beverages, coughs and flavourings and is also often used to remove rust and wash hair.

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