Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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Kesambi or kosambi (Schleichera oleosa) is the name of a kind of dried area trees, rambutan relatives of the Sapindaceae tribe. Some regional names, including kasambi / kosambi (Sd.); kesambi, kusambi, sambi, kecacil (Jw., Bal.); kasambhi (Md.); kusambi, usapi (Tim.); kasembi, kahembi (Sumba); kehabe (Sawu); kabahi (Solor); kalabai (Alor); kule, ule (Rote); bado (Mak.); ading (Bug.).

The names are similar to the name in India, the origin of this plant, for example: kosam, kosumb, kusum, kussam, rusam, puvam. In English known as gum-lac tree, Indian lac tree, Malay lac tree, Macassar oil tree, Ceylon oak, and others. The names refer to the results obtained from this tree, such as shellac and Makassar oil.

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